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Murat's three daughters.

Meet Murat's family
Murat is one of the more prominent members of the cooperative. He has a teenage son, Sultan, as well as the three little girls. Sultan is a great help on the small farm, as he is young and strong, and his father is often not well. He is also old enough to go to high school, which is in Shkodra (there are no schools he can attend in the village). However, going to school there requires money which the family can't spare. When we visited, Sultan's future was still undecided. His three little sisters do have a school they can go to, although it takes them an hour to walk there every day. They understand the importance of going to school, but they wish it wasn't so far!

Meet the villagers...
Isuf, the head of the cooperative
Hajrie, one of the first women to be
involved in the project
Ahmet's family, where beekeeping
spans across generations
Murat and his children