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At the 'Rural forums' Isuf the chance to exchange views on the problems affecting rural communities in the country, and the transition from subsistence agriculture to commercial agriculture. These forums are the only chance to gain some valuable information for the community he works for - another reason why it is vital the people of Ure e Shtrentje are not cut off from the main road!

Meet Isuf
As head of the beekeeping cooperative, Isuf has a very important job. Having a cooperative means the beekeepers can put their products on the market more efficiently, and the community as a whole benefits from the increased revenue. There are now various cooperatives in the Shkodra region, where Ure e Shtrentje is located. Isuf regularly meets with the heads of the other cooperatives at 'Rural forums' promoted by the local Oxfam staff.

Meet the villagers...
Isuf, the head of the cooperative
Hajrie, one of the first women to be
involved in the project
Ahmet's family, where beekeeping
spans across generations
Murat and his children