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Oxfam Albania reference pages

Albania links

  • has some nice images of Shkodra, in particular a great arial shot! There you can see the castle in the centre, with the city above to the left, the lake starting just under it. On the other side are the rivers joining together, heading down right towards the sea
  • InfoShkodra is a very nice local website (though mostly in Albanian), but worth the images etc
  • is another very useful local website with text in various lanuagegs
  • Hotel colosseo where we stayed. Very comfy, though got stung by the phone bill!
  • Images of Albania a few nice images from
  • Wikipedia on Albanian and a detailed listing of it's history
  • For those with a good historical knowledge of Shkodra, here is a chance to update the Wikipedia information on the area
  • Another good general background resource
  • Albanian history briefly listed
  • Gazeta Shqip an Albanian newspaper that ran a nice story about us.


Skanderbeu in Tirana

Skenderbeu's monument in Tirana - Albania's national hero.